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The Story Behind the Movement

What Drives Us

Purposeful Living & Joyful Giving

At Generous Family, we’re on a mission to teach values that matter through world-class resources. We believe grasping the habit of generosity at every age can transform your life. A child’s worldview, morals, and values are almost completely shaped by the age of 10, and we want to help create a better world with a hopeful future for families everywhere.

Our framework teaching The Seven Ways of Living Generously -Generosity of Thoughts, Words, Time, Attention, Influence, Money, and sharing your Belongings- provides a holistic approach to a life of meaning and significance. Every person, young or old, has the opportunity to give each and every day.

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We’re Here To Help You

Generous Family™ is part of the organization I Like Giving, a group that has spent more than a decade creating a worldwide generosity movement. The team is made of parents, educators, and business professionals with a shared mission to bring the Biblical message of generosity to the world.

Through our seven-way framework and family-centered, faith-based content that is practical and easy to implement into already busy routines, we are committed to inspiring families to bring the conversation and practice of generous living into their homes. 

Don’t let the world tell your children who to be. 

Generous Family

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