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How we as humans can be selfish:

Even though I started teaching my children to be generous and kind-hearted early on, they still have their moments. Moments when they argue over not wanting to share things. Times when they would rather keep the items that they last touched months ago. Times when they would not go out of their way to help someone or spend time with someone because they are too busy. To this day, even as a parent, I still have my moments of selfishness. As humans, we all do. It’s just human nature. Sometimes, we have a hard time just letting things go. We tell ourselves that we will give when we have the extra money or when we are more relaxed and have the time. Giving your hard-earned money away can be challenging, especially when the cost of living has increased exponentially. When we have the extra money, we want to hold on to it and selfishly keep it for ourselves. Sometimes, we pack our schedules so full that we leave little to no free time for other things or people.

Importance of generosity:

We must realize that being generous is not about what we have or do not have. It’s about what you feel in your heart that you need to do or want to give without expecting anything in return. Give and do for others because being caring, compassionate, and empathetic is just who you are. Generous individuals tend to feel happier, more fulfilled, and more confident. That is my hope for my children. While they may have moments of selfishness, they also have moments where they don’t think twice about being generous. Moments like these make me so proud to be their Mom. It shows me that I am doing something right as a parent.

As a Christian Mother, seeing their faith and love for God and how they want to live for him is heartwarming. Children, especially the younger ones, soak everything up like a sponge. How your children grow up, what you teach them, and the behavior you model to them is essential. As a parent, I only get eighteen summers with my babies, and I don’t know about you, but to me, the years feel like they are just flying by. While we still can, we must teach our children to have a generous heart. To grow up to be kind, giving, and grateful adults. My goal this upcoming homeschool year is for my children and me to focus on learning generosity together. To grow and become more generous and selfless individuals. My focus and hope is to teach my children to be giving, to see God in all things, and to inspire them to one day teach their children the same.

Please join me on the road to teaching generosity. Living with a generous heart and inspiring others to do the same is important. It will help us all be more empathetic, happier humans, and we can start living more fulfilled lives.

Some ways I plan on teaching my children generosity:

  1. Continue to pray for others struggling with something, whether it be someone we know personally or someone we are passing by on the street.

2. Help families in need, those struggling during a holiday, or give items they no longer use, play with, or wear to someone in need.

3. Leave a special gift on someone’s doorstep and pay for someone’s meal.

4. Let them give some of the money they have saved to someone they choose. Teach them that we shouldn’t just spend our money on ourselves but give to others.

5. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or visit an assisted living facility with elderly patients who don’t get many visitors.

6. Be nice to the kids that others treat poorly or a child sitting alone and include them in whatever they do.

7. Moments of random kindness to people they don’t know.

8. Have them observe others being generous.

9. Teach them to be more generous with time. Make it a priority to spend more time with people we may not see often, even when our schedule is hectic.

10. Incorporate the Generous Students 26-week curriculum in our homeschool year to teach children about the importance of living generously.
-Meghan Sexton